Meet our Staff - Sam

Meet our Staff - Sam

This week, the staff member we are interviewing is Sam - the manager at the butchery counter at the Primacy Food Village. We asked Sam to share a little more about his role with us...

From poultry to paperwork, Sam runs a tight ship at the Primacy Food Village butcher shop. 

Q1) Hi Sam, can you tell us what you do in your role as the manager of the Butcher Shop at the Primacy Food Village and how long you have worked at Primacy?

I have worked at Primacy Meats for just over 4 years. I started in one of the Primacy Meats Tesco outlets as Counter manager and then moved to the Food Village to manage the counter. My role is essentially to ensure the smooth running of the butchers shop area. I organise the staff, cut and prepare the meat for the window display as well as making sure that the counter display is A1 and ensure that the areas which are my responsibility are always clean, temperatures monitored etc. There is a fair bit of paperwork goes on behind the scenes!

Q2) What does a typical day look like on the Butchery counter?

A typical day for me starts at 7am. We start the day by cutting and preparing the meat and filling the counter display. Our aim is to get as much of the counter filled before customers start to arrive. The remainder of the day flies by in a flash as we are constantly serving customers, taking orders replenishing the counter and packing produce for the freezer displays. At around 4pm we start to wash down the butchery area. Ensuring the cleanliness of the shop and that set procedures are followed take up the remainder of my day.

Q3) What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love everything about it! I have always loved being a butcher - from cutting the meat to serving and getting to know our customers. I also enjoy the added responsibility of my management role and knowing that my skills and experience are being put to good use.

Q4) Primacy Meats is well known for offering fresh, locally sourced meat - what are the most popular cuts and meat packs with customers? And, as a butcher what is your favourite meat?!

The most popular cuts are pork chops, mince, steak pieces, chicken fillets, sausages and steaks. A lot of these items are available through our meat packs. The most popular packs are the Pick n Mix packs which range from £7 to £18. My favourite cut is the ribeye steak as I think that it has the most flavour.

Q5) For people who don’t shop regularly at the Food Village, what would you say marks it out from other shops locally?

I think our focus on quality local produce is what makes us stand out. We have one of the largest butchers counters in the whole of Ireland and stock an extensive range of meat products. The great range of quality frozen poultry products is also different from other shops as is the range of ready made meals supplied by our kitchen to the shop. The Food Village is essentially a one-stop-shop for quality produce. We aim to offer everything a customer could need to make breakfast, lunch and dinner...and if they cant be bothered they could visit the Tearoom and let us cook the same quality local produce for them! The range of ready made meals supplied by our kitchen to the shop is also something a little bit different.

Q6) Finally, in 3 words how would you describe the Butcher shop at the Primacy Food Village?

Fantastic range, Quality!

Thanks Sam!

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