Primacy Food Village wins prestigious UK Butcher's Plus Award 2014!

Butcher Plus Award

We are proud to announce that earlier in the month Primacy Food Village won the prestigious UK Butcher's Plus Award at the Butcher Shop of the Year Awards 2014.

This is a national award and we are very pleased to be recognised especially when we were up against so many other great butcher shops in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales!

The award is given to butcher shops who demonstrate a high level of quality and are judged on the following criteria: 

As always, this is only possible with great customers who keep coming back and who value the high standards that we commit ourselves to achieve everyday. 

We think this is a great opportunity to thank you for your support as we promise to keep improving our service and produce!

If you haven't visited us at our Food Village or Tesco counters please do, we’d love to show you how passionate we are about our meat!  Get directions here