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Award Winning Family Butchers

Our Meat

Meat is what we do…
We take every part of the process from farm to plate very seriously…

Our meat counter is one of the largest in Ireland at approx. 60 feet long and we have a further range of frozen meat products.

Meat is our passion, it is the heart of our business and we are always striving to improve and develop our offering.

The Meat we sell:

Our range is one you would expect to find in a traditional family butchers. Customer feedback indicates that todays customer is looking for good quality local produce at value-for-money prices and this is exactly what we aim to provide.

We like to stick to basics in relation to providing the majority of our meat products in its pure form without sauce or marinade which allows our customers to add flavourings of their own choice. We do however have a range of flavoured products which is expanded in the BBQ season.