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Our Suppliers

“Our philosophy is simple ... support local farmers, suppliers and producers.”


The beef is supplied by our own farm or from other local farmers and suppliers. George is responsible for the Primacy herd and based on many years experience (too many to mention!) of selecting and rearing beef cattle he opts for a limousin and simmental cross herd:

Charolais Limousin crosses - are golden red or black in colour and are a sturdy, healthy breed which provide excellent beef. 

Simmenatal crosses - One of the oldest breeds in the world producing meat of the highest quality.

These breeds combined with the expertise of the farmer produces the type of beef our customers enjoy ~ tender, succulent and tasty with a covering of fat which enhances the product. We hang our beef for a minimum of 30 days which also helps to improve the eating quality of the beef and the overall flavour.

The other farmers and suppliers we source our beef from are as concerned with the quality of their product and the welfare of their animals. They include F.McCracken, Ballywalter and C&J Meats, Armagh. Beef is graded and we accept only the highest grades.



F C Robinson, Ballyclare

Fred C Robinson was established in 1905 and are one of the oldest pig meat processors in Ireland. They operate from a purpose built facility, processing only Pig meat on site, which is sourced locally from approved suppliers and ensures the high levels of quality we expect.



Lamb is again sourced from our own herd depending on the time of year or from other local farmers whom we trust to provide us with the same level of quality each time e.g S.Young, Dromara. The breed is also important and we tend to rear Suffolk and Texel crosses. These are large, well muscled sheep which excel in their lean meat yield and produce top quality prime lamb. We believe that, in a similar way to beef, lamb is best left to mature for a period before being eaten. All our lamb is matured for a period of 7 days. This allows the lamb to become naturally tender. At times we are asked for New Zealand lamb and our answer is "Why buy New Zealand lamb when we have some of the best lamb in the world on our doorstep"?

Chicken - Rockvale Poultry, Richhill

Rockvale Poultry commenced production in 1991 with a family workforce with the emphasis on providing a quality product and operates one of the most modern facilities in Europe. In July 1999 the Rockvale Poultry standard of excellence was recognised when a full E.C. Licence was awarded by D.A.R.D. Rockvale Poultry places animal welfare & meat quality at the forefront of its company policy and planning and as such is a perfect partner for us. All their chicken is sourced from their own Contracted Growing farms and are all within a 20-mile radius of their plant.These farms are small with a maximum of 2 houses per site, ensuring good supervision and the flocks are kept in purpose built broiler houses in a carefully controlled environment with space to move around.

Turkeys - Primacy Farm

Christmas turkeys are reared on the Primacy farm. They arrive as day old chicks from Farmgate Hatcheries (of Kellys turkeys fame). We rear traditional white breeds and select only the best slow- growing strains such as Roly Polys and Plumpies which are known for their good old-fashionned flavour and texture. The turkeys have freedom of movement, comfort and shelter as well as plenty to eat and drink. We believe that all these factors contribute to producing the perfect turkey.



Raymond Rankin, Newtownards

Our vegetables are supplied mainly by the Rankin family farm (when in season). The farm is a certified member of the Assured Produce Scheme and the focus is very much on producing quality produce. The vegetables are delivered daily fresh from the ground. Locally produced food is normally fresher than products transported into the area and has more flavour. It has also been shown that foods harvested within 24 hours of reaching the shelves are higher in nutrients. We are lucky to work closely with local vegetable producers who share our passion for producing great quality produce at affordable prices.



Holmlea Farm, Newtownards

Our top quality potatoes come from the Comber Road area of Newtownards, an area renowned for producing class A potatoes with a unique flavour. The Donnan family have worked the farm for almost 100 years and we work very closely with Stephen Donnan , a fourth generation farmer, to ensure we have a good selection of potato varities e.g Navan, Maris Piper, Kerrs Pinks, Roosters etc (the availability of these depends on the season).



Glastry Farm, Kircubbin

The Taylor family have been dairy farming at Glastry since 1856 and it is the 6th generation that has diversified into premium ice-cream production sourced from their pedigree dairy herd. The 300 acres of high quality grassland with clover pastures and high sugar grasses set on the Ards peninsula provides the unique quality milk and cream necessary for the ice-cream plant. From the outset the Taylors decided that their ice-cream production would focus on natural, fresh and local with minimal food miles and carbon footprint. The products reflect the flavours of the region e.g yellowman honeycomb, bramley apple, rhubarb and custard and more recently the Kilbeggan whiskey flavour. The Taylors passion for their craft is shown by their ever increasing range of flavours which now includes a sorbet range ~ a great alternative for those conscious of the calories!

Bakery Products

Pattons Bakery, Newtownards

An award winning family owned traditional bakery producing a great range of  baked products. We work closely with Warren, its owner, and his team to develop new cake ideas to offer our customers as well as stocking old favourites e.g soda bread, potato bread, bloomers etc.



Clements Eggs, Carrowdore

Supply us with top quality farm fresh and free range eggs. The eggs are all sourced within Northern Ireland and producers ensure the highest standards of health and welfare in line with the latest recommendations on nesting, roosting and scratching areas with freedom to move and eat and drink at will. All eggs supplied are Class A.


Sweet Treats

Fosters Chocolate, Portadown

An established chocolate manufacturer well known for their high quality, exciting and unique Irish Hand Crafted chocolate  and other confectionery products. We can vouch for the deliciousness of all their products ... !


Soft Drinks

Maine Drinks, Ballymena

Established in 1949 and delivered door-to-door by the "Maine Man" this family business is going strong. We were so excited to rediscover the product back in late 2012 and although some new flavours have been introduced e.g Bubblegum, all the old favourites are still available ... Sasparilla, brown lemonade etc.

Papas Mineral Co., Bangor

A small local manufacturer of speciality drinks and cordials established in 1999 and meeting a demand for high quality drinks  free from artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners. The quality of the product and  their versatility encouraged us to stock these traditional flavours e.g Ginger wine, Clove cordial, spiced winterberry.

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