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“I would describe the perfect turkey as traditionally reared, full of flavour, moist and succulent” and this is why we purchase our day old chicks from Farmgate Hatcheries (of Kelly Bronze fame).

We have been rearing our own turkeys for more than 15 years at our family farm in Newtownards as well as sourcing from other local suppliers. We raise only the best slow-growing strains which grow to maturity over 5 months. The breeds we choose are those renowned for their broad breasted quality which ensures good old-fashioned flavour & texture. e.g Roly Polys, Super Plumpies

A lot of work goes into breeding a great tasting turkey but breeding is not the whole story… how they are looked after is of great importance. Our turkeys are barn-reared and their welfare is of paramount importance and we ensure that the turkeys have freedom of movement, comfort & shelter. Its all about rearing the turkey in the best possible way with a focus on heating, lighting, feeding & watering. This is what we believe produces a delicious turkey.

If you order a turkey with us you will be provided with a pop-up timer to help cook your turkey to perfection as well as an info leaflet offering storage advice, recipe ideas etc.

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