Bulk Buy & Save!

Bulk buy & Save Web HeaderBulk Buy & Save!

Our newest offer at our Primacy Food Village in Bangor gives our customers a chance to make big savings by buying our fresh local meat in bulk!

The more you buy, the more you save!

These bulk buy offers are ideal for those with growing families, athletes requiring quantities of quality lean protein or small catering businesses… now anyone can benefit from wholesale prices by buying in bulk.

We have a large selection of quality beef, pork and poultry cuts available and whilst the product is offered in bulk the our butchers are happy to slice the product down and pack in quantities that suit…. All free of charge.  The produce is fresh and can be frozen.

On offer is the same great quality produce that Primacy Food Village always provides but at an even better price!

The cuts on offer include:

Whole Chump of Beef, 1/2 Sirloin, Whole Ribeye, Whole Beef Fillet, Whole Silverside, Whole Eye Silverside, Tender Steaks, Steak Pieces, Mince, Turkey Fillet, 1/2 Pork Loin, Catering box of Pork Sausages, 2kg Back Bacon.

5 kg Chicken Fillet= only £22 - giving approx.20-22 portions
approx. SAVING: £15!

Call into the food village to find out more!

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