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We are offering a great range of seasonal produce all sourced locally & our staff will be happy to help you decide which product best suits your need, the size you require & options you have.



Traditional Turkey   £6.90 kg/ £3.13 lb

Turkey Fillet  £8.49kg/ £3.85 lb

Fresh Silverhill Ducks  £15.00 each    (approx. size: 2.4 kg/ 5 lb)

Chunky Chicken  £5.20 kg/ £2.35 lb       (approx. size: 3.6-4.5 kg / 8-10lb)

Geese  Ask staff for details

2 + 3 Bird Roast  Ask staff for details


All of the above items can be boned, boned & rolled or boned & stuffed to meet your needs at an additional charge. Please ask our butchers for further information.

£4.49 kg/ £2.05 lb

Smoked Gammon  £4.69 kg/ £2.13 lb

Bone in Gammon  £4.10 kg/ £1.86 lb

Cooked Turkey, Ham & Stuffing Portions

£3.25 each or 5 for £15.00 (just pop in the oven or microwave to re-heat)

Roast Beef

Fancy something different this Christmas?

If you would like to ditch tradition this year why not choose from our great range of roasts:
Our butchers will be happy to help you decide which roast best suits your needs


Sirloin Roast (on bone)    £15.99 kg/ £7.25 lb

T-Bone Roast (on bone)    £19.99 kg/ £9.06 lb

Rib Roast (on bone)    £13.99 kg/ £6.35 lb

Leg Lamb (bone in)    £12.49 kg/ £5.67 lb

Leg Lamb (boneless)    £15.50 kg/ £7.03 lb

Rack Lamb    £15.00 kg/ £6.80 lb

All of these are great for family get-togethers ~ Again our butchers will be happy to help you decide which product best suits your needs, cooking advice etc.

Christmas Hampers

Choose a hamper which suits your needs, our Butchers will be happy to help you decide.


Our Turkeys      Turkeys

We have been rearing our own turkeys for more than 15 years at our family farm in Newtownards as well as sourcing from other local suppliers. We raise only the best slow-growing strains which grow to maturity over 5 months. The breeds we choose are those renowned for their broad breasted quality which ensures good old-fashioned flavour & texture. e.g Roly Polys, Super Plumpies

For further information on our turkeys and how we raise them view ‘Our Turkeys’ 

See below for our handy turkey weight guide:



We have some great gift ideas too!

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