New Products!

Tasty new products are coming to the Primacy Food Village!

New Products

Herb Butters!

This month we'll be launching a new range of super tasty herb butters! At only £1.59 for 8 handy sized portions these little taste explosions are a real kitchen game changer! You can add wonderful fresh flavour to any meal in an instant. The flavours we'll be trialling are Lemon & Chive  Butter (perfect with roast chicken or fish), Garlic & Parsley Butter (perfect with anything but especially steak, roast potatoes or lamb!), Tarragon Butter (Perfect with sausages, steak, fish, roast veg/potatoes & Eggs!) and a  Mixed Herb Butter (goes with everything but especially pork) Our herb butters will be available frozen and come already portioned. They'll keep for months in your freezer and trust us, once you start using them you'll wonder what you did without them! Look out for them in the Food Village available now!

'Ready to eat' Side dishes - NEW Range!

Also new this month will be a new and updated range of ready to heat up side dishes that will save you time and effort at meal times but will still deliver in taste, freshness and local quality! Our side dishes are made by our chefs on site and have been a very popular with our customers. Why not give them a go? Super convenient and super tasty! Look out for the new range on the shelves in the next week or two.



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