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Our Top BBQ Tips!

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We all love a BBQ but it's all too easy to burn sausages, undercook burgers and leave guests waiting for the marinated chicken to cook!

Check out our useful tips below and BBQ like a pro!

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Light the barbecue before your guests arrive!
It’s even a good idea to start grilling before you friends arrive - everyone loves the smell of a BBQ in the air! It will whet their appetite and get them in the mood for your BBQ feast!

Be prepared
Prepare everything as much as you can! Marinate your meat well in advance -  the day before is ideal. Have the meat set out and cook in order of what takes longer etc so all the meat is ready at the same time! Have the oven on with a warm dish ready to keep the meat warm. Don’t forget about other things that need heated like garlic bread etc.

Have snacks & cold drinks at the ready
Your guests will arrive hungry so take the pressure off yourself by having snacks sitting out for them to nibble on while the meat is cooking. Crisps and dips are good or toasted pitta or bread sticks and fresh hummus.

Use great meat!
Your BBQ will only be as good as the meat you are cooking! Check out our BBQ meat packs. They are unbeatable value and with all our produce being fresh, local and top quality you’ll not go far wrong!

Don't cook meat straight out of the fridge
Allow the meat about 20 minutes out of the fridge before cooking. If the meat is too cold in the centre, the outside will burn before the inside is cooked!

Season the meat
Seasoning is so important but often forgotten when grilling on the BBQ. If the meat is sticking to the grill don’t be afraid to brush a little olive oil onto each side of the meat. It’ll stop it sticking as much.

Don’t get distracted when cooking
Stay with the BBQ grill! It only takes a small distraction to take your attention and before you know it you have a grill full of burnt meat! As the BBQ grill master don't worry about asking family or friends for a little help by fetching things for you. It’s thirsty work so also be sure to keep a drink nearby!

Control the heat of the Grill
BBQ grills with a rack system with adjustable heights are best, but you can also set up ‘cool’ or ‘hot’ spots by stacking or spreading the coal differently in certain areas of the grill. This helps stop the burnt inside and raw inside issue that happens with BBQ meat!

Check the meat is fully cooked before serving
It sounds obvious bit it's easy to get wrong! Cut into the centre of the meat and check that the it is fully cooked and juices are running clear.

Don’t forget to rest the meat
Just like any other time you cook meat, resting it is important. It helps the meat reabsorb its own juices and stops steaks from toughening up.

Use a good marinade
Not all meat needs marinating, good steaks only need brushed lightly with a little oil & seasoned. But other meats take marinades well and add an extra level of taste to any BBQ! Good marinaded chicken is hard to beat! Check out our choice of marinades at the Food Village.

Try our range of sauces and herb butters
Why not add extra flavour to your BBQ steak by placing one of our herb butters onto the meat as it is resting! It will give a burst of flavour and take the meat to the next level! We also have a great range of sauces that go brilliantly with burgers, sausages and everything else!


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