The Cost of Eating Local...

The cost of eating local…

Our chicken fillets are supplied from our local supplier in Richill. Like all the suppliers we partner with, they take animal welfare very seriously. As we we do - from farm to fork

The chickens are barn reared, giving them space to roam around and eat and drink as they please.

You can rest assured that our chicken chicken fillets are of the highest quality from well farmed local chickens.

Unfortunately, for us to continue supporting our #local partners and maintain the high quality produce, from today our 2.5kg tub of chicken fillets will go up in price from £12.50 to £12.99. (approx 5p more per fillet)

We try very hard to keep our prices as low as we can and we aim to be transparent with our customers. The increase in price does not benefit us in any way - the price has gone up for us by the same amount.

We believe the extra 49p per tub still offers extremely good value while maintaining the high quality, well farmed, local values of all our meat.

Thank you for joining us as we support local!

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